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Hello dear model railway friends,

We would like to speak on the occasion of the current situation. Of course, we have taken appropriate measures to contain the corona virus in order to protect our fellow human beings, employees as well as of course our families and ourselves. We are lucky to still be able to act with our small team, at least as long as DHL still accepts parcels. However, in the current situation, deliveries may be delayed. Of course we will have to adapt to the events of the next few days. If we have to stop shipping we will of course inform you. If you have any questions, we are still available by email, phone, via the Ebay mail portal.

Delaying the spread of the virus is our top priority. However, we are optimistic that we will be able to get through this time unscathed, but we ask for your understanding if difficulties should arise. We would like to appeal to everyone to keep calm and stay at home in the model railway basement 😉 Use the time constructively, learn, tinker and be creative. Stay positive, stay at home and stay healthy!

Your Modellbahn-Rhein-Main team



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